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Team Warrior Fitness

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 Please click the link to our private Facebook community. This is our TEAM. The coaches share information regularly via posts, live videos and other news that is valuable as this is the fastest way to provide much of this information and resources. We also share daily accountability and support among other members.

You can post in this community as long as it is positive and valuable to the team. A coach will approve all posts daily. 


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Following me and the coaches on IG is going to be the fastest way to get new recipes, my thoughts, coaching tips and tricks, find out about upcoming challenges and more!

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Please enter your email to subscribe to my newsletter. These are sent out every Wednesday morning to recap any important information that may of been shared via our many resources. Warrior Words includes some of my thoughts about life, a workout, health/wellness tips from other Warrior coaches, and my bulldog Milo always has a few words to say!

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Make sure to watch the
"Getting Started with Warrior Fitness"
Free videos

In order to get the Free "Getting Started Guide," please make sure to watch all videos in the "Getting Started With Warrior Fitness" Free Video Course. Once the course has been completed, you will receive and automatic email with the downloadable PDF Link.

Download 1st Phorm App for Free Coaching 

The 1stPhorm app cost is $12.99/Month and is not required for most of the "additional coaching options"
If you have questions, or are not sure if downloading the app is right for you, please contact us.


Below is the link to the app that we do the free advising through. This is where you will be logging your food, sending weekly assessments, and taking photos. It also has a selection of different workouts, daily livestreams with additional resources covering everything from mindset to nutrition and training education. There are free quarterly challenges that run via the app and is required to be eligible for the in-team challenges as well. In order to set up the app, please use the pdf guide (downloadable) below the app link.




Under menu (bottom right corner choose my advisor. Please double check that I, Stephanie Lawler, am listed as your advisor.

If I am not:

Choose "Drop Advisor".

Type in: Inspired


Click to "Join Stephanie's Team"

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**Uses Team Warrior Fitness App,

Not 1st Phorm App**

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Each quarter we offer a new private/paid challenge! These challenges include custom macros, coaching,workouts and more!

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Let's Get Set-up for Success

Thank you so much for filling out that form! I know it's a bit long, but all the answers will help us coach and guide you in the best ways possible. As we walk through the next steps, it will be completed with our FREE onboarding course. This course will walk you through some basics on foundational health, an intro to macros, the importance of protein, and more! 

There is so much information for FREE in our Facebook group and once you add yourself, please feel free to actively and positively participate.

Please follow ALL of the steps below so that we can get you set-up for success!

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