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Is texting okay?
On a scale from 0-10 (zero being not committed at all and 10 being 100% in), how committed are you to this Foundations of Healthy Living program?
Are you cleared by a doctor to participate in physical activity without restriction?
Are you currently pregnant or trying to get pregnant?

Tell me what you are currently doing!

Waiver & Disclaimer

I accept and willingly enter into Foundations of Healthy Living with Jennifer McQuay, RYT-500 and ACE Certified Health Coach/Personal Trainer through Warrior Fit, LLC. I understand Jennifer's scope of practice and know that she is not a registered dietitian, medical professional, or therapist/psychologist. She works within her scope of practice, providing general health and wellness education, some nutrition recommendations (not specific food prescriptions!), yoga and exercise suggestions, as well as encouragement and motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle. Health coaching is not therapy and does not diagnose, cure, prevent, or treat any mental disorder or medical disease. I understand that I have text access to Jennifer and will abide by the texting/calling hours of 8am to 8pm.

I know that I am responsible for my own health and will always listen to my medical professional and especially my own body. I confirm that I do not have any physical conditions or a disability that would limit my participation or preclude an exercise program. I will let Jennifer McQuay know at any point if I have any medical issues arise or if there are any activities or movements which I feel could cause injury to myself. All exercise programs involve a risk of injury: by choosing to participate in any physical activity, I voluntarily assume a certain risk of injury, which is fully my choice for participation and my own responsibility for safely performing. I agree to listen to my body and monitor myself during all physical activity.

I know that this is a partnership and I am an equal partner in this process. I will be open and honest in regards to my actions and participation. I know that my success is up to me as I am the one doing the work. I will be open to feedback and will dedicate the time and energy required to meet my goals. I understand that goals take time and there are no "quick-fixes." I vow to be patient with myself, speak kindly to myself, and to always do the best that I can. I will always take the healthy route and not succumb to unhealthy or unsafe measures such as extreme under-eating or extreme exercising.

Jennifer McQuay alongside Warrior Fit, LLC shall not be held liable for any injury, loss or damage to property and/or persons sustained during or as a result of participation in this program.

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