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Team Warrior Fitness membership Form

Thank you for joining Team Warrior Fitness! We are thrilled you have found your way to our beautiful community! Please take a few moments to fill out this membership form. This information will be strictly confidential and used by the coaches only for correspondence, prizes, and so you can be best served in this group.  You will only need to fill this out once for each year. Upon submission, it will navigate you directly to our new client onboarding steps. These steps will be important in helping you get the most out of this new journey. 

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Birthdate (We like to send cards!)
Do you work for 1st Phorm in any capacity? (At HQ, as a rep/Legionnaire, etc?)
How did you come to our team?

Please click the link below to sign up for a new member Zoom call with Stephanie.

These calls are offered Tuesdays at 10am EST.

When did you sign up for a new member call?
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